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The historical portion of my CV is unchanged since I began working as an expert in 2002. The CV now includes a complete history of my testimonial events.

Draft Engagement Agreement

For over 40 years I have worked on the basis that I may be dismissed from a project at any time for any reason. It's your case, not mine. My singular requirement is that I be paid for the time actually put in on the case.

This Draft Engagement Agreement reflects the responsibilities I take on as a consulting or testifying expert. It also makes clear the clients' duty to pay for my work.

Expert Report Header

I write my own reports. I am perfectly willing to accept editing and original contributions from attorneys or other experts, but I reserve the final edit for any material that I submit.

This Expert Report Header is attached at the head of my draft reports to remind everyone who reads the report or proposed edits that the report is mine.

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Expert Witness

160+ Cases

Software Patent Cases

Federal District Court



Tipton Cole + Co.

30+ successful projects over 15 years contracting with Exxon

Large data conversion projects with ETI Extract

Co-developer of PROTOS language


Univ. of Texas at Austin

Math (BA, 1974)

Computer Science (MA, 1976)

Law (JD, 1978)